Adapted wheelchair bus

The Weersink COmpact Lift for Passengers Double Cabin (W-Compact LPD) makes it possible for the passenger to sit in the second seating-row. Getting in and out of the vehicle is done with a natural turning movement through a sliding door.
  • Lifts up to approx. 300 kilograms
  • Own weight approx. 90,0 kg
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This lift has many benefits compared to a platform-lift where the passenger can only reach their seat through the back of the bus.

Bus layout as desired

By entering from the side, the lift and wheelchair use a minimal amount of space in the bus. This also keeps passenger transport, double cabin and camper furnishings possible. A towbar remains possible.

Separate loading compartment

Safer by preventing load shifting in the event of a collision or emergency stop. Optimal climate control. The smaller size of the passage compartment makes it much easier to heat up in the winter or cool down in the summer. In addition it makes less noise and is therefore quieter than a traditional open bus.

No loss of value on sale

Disassembly of the lift leaves minimal traces on the bus and interior. The vehicle remains suitable to be resold as a regular unmodified vehicle.

Inspection and road tax

RDW/TÜV approved, no BPM and low road tax due to a double cabin. Furthermore, it conforms to the European safety standards (ISO10542, M1).

5-year warranty

Hydraulic liftprevents electronic defects and is low-maintancePatented, exclusively available at Weersink Mobility

W-Apollo LPD in 3 versions

Weersink standaard rolstoellift handgedreven rolstoel rolstoelbus

S with retractors

This standard version is mainly suitable for children's wheelchairs. Buckle down with retractor belts and you're good to go.

Weersink rolstoellift rolstoel voor normale rolstoelen

L with docking

This stronger version has no problem with a heavier wheelchair. Simply click into the docking system and the wheelchair is secured.

Weersink rolstoellift xl elektrische rolstoel XL zijkant instappen

XL with docking

This most powerful version easily lifts electronic wheelchairs in. Click into the docking system and the wheelchair is secured.

Prefer an open, adapted wheelchair bus instead of a double cabin?

If you prefer an open bus layout, check out our compact lift solutions.
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